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The biggest hurdle I had was learning the basics of affiliate sales. What to sell, how to sell it and where. I can honestly say that the majority of my efforts, about two years, was almost a complete waste of time.

I went from trying this blogger’s trick to “smart passive income” to that blogger ” niche pursuit”, but the only thing I got out of that so called free advice was a hole in my pocket and frustration. If you know what I’m hinting at, than you must know what it felt like. I almost quit, I started to think it was impossible. I should just flop on the couch, drink beer and do nothing with myself after work, thats what everyone does.

Furtunaty, I kept on pushing ahead, I wanted to become SUCCESSFUL and I would’t stop until I am. I decide I need help and direction and since I have spent money on useless software, I will invest in training instead.

Wealthy Affiliate University or Affilorama

I had two choices and after the free trial terms, I decided on affilorama. WAU (Wealthy Affiliate), was all pitch and no punch. Thier trial had nothing to offer but a upsale. With Affilorama I could see Light at the end of the tunnel and have read a few great testimonials.

I opened up my wallet and made that MEMBERSHIP payment. About $67, yeah its a bit of cash!, and well worth it! They offer a few different levels, so you don’t have to jump in like I did, but I figured it was time to make the plunge.

My Review

Why You Should SignUp!

  • Simplist and easiest to follow training program. The resources made available to premium members is incredible. The free vs. pay versions are like black and white.
  • A gigantic community of honest affiliate marketers to network with. For some that are starting up, to those who are already quit their day job.
  • Easy payment plan, you don’t have to dish it out all at once. The payments can be spread out throughout the entire 3 year program.Its a complete package.

You get all the SEO Tools you will need to become successful:


A set programs that rivals all other paid Keyword tools. To think, I was paying MOZ $60 a month alone! When only seven dollars more I could have joined Affilorama’s training platform!

Training, comunity, advice and 15 tools for premium members. Not to mention all that other monthly crap out there, Affilotools cover them all.


This is really the starting point for beginners. I already had some experience, but was no where near as good as I thought I was. With the blueprint I was able to learn step by step. After revamping the sites I already had to the AffiloBluePrint standered, they actually started making money!


The Jetpack makes managing your projects a lot easier. Do you really need it?, That depends on how far you’re going to go. One thing I didn’t realise till a lot later on was that I was holding myself back. One person can’t do everything! You will need to scale up in order to grow and the Jetpack makes it possible. You don’t need to drop into it right off the bat. You will know when it’s time to upgrade. When you do, you will be happy you did.