For the Messenger WhatsApp, there are now new functions for iOS and Android that users gradually reach. You can find out which these are in our report.

WhatsApp has received some new functions that make using the instant messenger much easier, but also more fun. We briefly introduce you to what’s new on WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

Video calls without memory effect

Since we started practicing social distancing, the number of video calls in our environment has increased significantly. It used to be the exception, now it’s almost the norm.

What has become quite annoying with WhatsApp due to the new 8-person group conferences: The overview is lost. If you want, you can now focus on the image of a person opposite you and hold it there. To do this, just tap the picture a little longer. WhatsApp groups of up to eight participants now also display a small video chat icon so that starting a conference is quick and easy.

Exchange contact via QR code

How annoying it is to exchange contact information can now be seen in corona times: handing over your own cell phone to have the other person’s name and telephone number entered is unsanitary.

Facebook has now introduced the possibility for WhatsApp to read contact information via QR code. The other party only has to call up the function so that the QR code is shown on their own display. The other person scans this code with WhatsApp and immediately has all contact information. What WhatsApp has introduced is a business card with a QR code.

WhatsApp imitates iMessage with animated stickers

Animated sticker graphics have been around for a long time at iMessage, but this function is only now being introduced at WhatsApp. There are already animated gifs, but they consume enormous amounts of storage space and of course the data volume. This problem does not exist with animated stickers.

As with iOS, the stickers must be downloaded in packages before they can be used. Animated stickers show a small play icon in the selection.

The new functions mentioned will be rolled out gradually. It is important that you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone. In this case, rolling out means that Facebook only gradually unlocks the functions of the latest app.

Do you also use WhatsApp for work? Do you have any concerns or is this a common practice now?